Where can I ride my hoverboard in Australia?

Where can I ride my hoverboard in Australia?

You’ve finally learned how to ride the hoverboard in the comfort of your home. What’s next?
The idea of going on an adventure a la Marty McFly begins to take shape.

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as one-two-three. The use of hoverboards in public places is
actually being regulated by lawmakers. It’s important to know that the law varies according to
where you live.

From enforcing speed limits to total ban on the use of hoverboards anywhere accessible to the
public, below you will find various laws on hoverboard use in different parts of Australia.

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Queensland is home to many hoverboard retailers, so riding hoverboards in public places is
allowed. They see the hoverboard as a personal mobility device, and anyone who rides it in
public is considered a pedestrian.

It’s allowed on public paths, footpaths, and even bike paths. Just make sure to observe speed
limits and wear safety gear!

Australian Capital Territory

The use of hoverboards on public property was banned in the Australian Capital Territory.
Fortunately, the law has been amended and residents in the ACT can now ride their
hoverboards outdoors under certain conditions.

For instance, you are not allowed on bicycle lanes and roads, but you are allowed on shared
paths, footpaths, and bicycle paths.

Anyone who is required to use the road for purposes such as needing to cross it can do so. You
may also use it in the absence of shared/footpaths and bicycle paths. Yet, you should not stay
on the road for longer than necessary.

Other conditions include speed limits according to the type of road you are on, the use of
necessary safety gear such as a bike helmet, and the number of people allowed on one device.


You can ride the hoverboard on public street in Tasmania under one condition only: for a
commercial tour. Public street is defined as anywhere the public has access to such as roads,
footpaths, parks, and other recreational areas.

To do this, you must seek approval from the Department of State Growth and be issued a short-
term permit. Afterward, you can tuck away your hoverboard, or you will be fined.
Riding the hoverboard on public street for purposes other than what has been mentioned
above is illegal.

Western Australia, Victoria, New South Wales

Don’t even think about it. Riding the hoverboard on shared paths and roads in Western
Australia, Victoria, and New South Wales is illegal. If you live in any of these areas, it’s best that
you ride your hoverboard on private property. Otherwise, prepare to be fined $319 if you are
caught riding it on footpaths and $637 on roads.

Some people think that banning hoverboards in public places is ridiculous. They see it as a
simple device that can take you from one place to another and even play tricks with. However,
these devices have the capacity to travel at certain speeds deemed dangerous by lawmakers.
By regulating the use of hoverboards, it will help lessen unnecessary accidents.

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