Your Step by Step guide on – How to ride a Hoverboard

A hoverboard or a balancing board has been the leading cause of craze amongst kids of all ages. With celebrities roaming around in this seemingly small two wheeled vehicle, it’s common for you to Google this latest craze and try to find some cheap hoverboards for you or your kids.

Nonetheless, as the name suggests Hoverboards don’t hover in the true sense as you would see hovering. A hoverboard, however, works in the way you balance your body on top of the vehicle.

Now before you get into buying one of these bad boys, you might have gone through the how-tos of this new cool vehicle. On a hoverboard, you control the direction, the way in which the vehicle will go by the shifting the weight of your body on top of the platform. If you wish to move forward, you need to lean yourself forward, carefully and the platforms will sense your movement and move in the direction you lean.

Now that you are well versed with what balancing boards are, you must be wanting to have a go at it. Here is your best step by step guide on how to master the art of riding a balancing board, that too in mere minutes!

Step #1: Getting on the balancing board

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the first and foremost step of riding your hoverboard or balancing board is to make sure it is properly charged. A balancing board runs on an electric battery, and in some models, it runs on solar energy. Turn the power on and check the direction of the lights to make sure you are standing on the right side of the board to avoid falling and potentially injuring yourself. Start by placing one foot on the side of the board; it’s a good idea to place your dominant foot forward first. Then slowly bring your other foot on board as well. The balancing board is meant to self-balance itself, so you won’t have to worry about wiggling your way into a hard fall.

Step #2: Moving the balancing board around

Now that you have established a stable balance on top of your balancing board, you need to learn how to move it around. There are three basic ways you can move your self-balancing scooter around:

  •        Forward, by leaning yourself slightly forward.
  •        Backward, by leaning slightly back
  •        Stop, by standing in a straight posture.

You will wobble at first, it happens to the best of us. But soon you will get the hang of it, and in no time you will be able to take it out on a ride.

Step #3: Turning your balancing board around

Yes, your balancing board can also make a turn of 360 degrees on either side. Turning your balancing board is also fairly as easy as moving it around. Each side of the board is independent letting you twist each side according to your will. All you have to do is apply more pressure on the side you want your board to twist at, and it will twist accordingly. For example, if you wish to twist it right, just apply more pressure on the board with your right foot.

That’s it! You know the basic steps to ride a balancing board. All you need now is a balancing board to practice your skills on. We at Australia Hoverboards have you covered. We bring you the best hoverboards at the most affordable prices.

Look around at our products, and we are sure you will find the best fit!

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